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Light Up & Stay Ignited Workshops

In-person in the Central West

October Clan Mother image women's Circle.jpg

Total Time: 3 hours

Session can include:

  • Releasing what no longer serves me

  • Native American Drum journey guided meditation and sound healing

  • Practical demonstrations 

  • Ceremony in circle

  • Creating a vision board

  • Intention setting


Choose from:

Healthy Cooking - We want to learn the basics for a healthy life

Manifesting magic - We want to create something in our lives

Where to from here - The kids have moved out, now what?

Our child’s first teacher - We are looking for some creative mum inspiration.

Ceremonial Cacao Ceremony - We want to receive Cacao’s medicine to heal, relax and set intentions

Zodiacs and animal totems - We want to understand ourselves and others

Baby bump - We want to connect with our unborn child and prepare for birth

Parenting 101 - We want practical tips for connecting, correcting and celebrating

Grant writing or school/college application forms - We want to sell ourselves/our child

The Alphabet Adventure for pre-schoolers - We want to learn how to run this unique weekly group

Staff Team building - We want to bond, relax and have fun (on site).

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