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About the Book

We write the new in the now. So, what story will we write; write here, write now?

Together we are awakening our universal creative power, the power needed at this time to ignite a global shift in consciousness.


Write Here Write Now: Living Evolved

By Kitty

Kitty spent decades doing the ‘right thing,’ saying 'what was expected,' playing ‘the good girl,’ and feeling stressed. 


She had a vision that tugged and tugged at her until remaining the same was more painful than the risk of changing. 


"I could not bear my lies and excuses any longer. My conviction was so visceral that it provided the impetus lacking for three decades. I vowed to use this powerful fire energy as fuel to transform myself."



In a world full of noise, trauma, and materialism, how do we remember our true SELF?


How do we live aligned to that truth and ultimately embody it?


Join Kitty as she explores the SELF-realization catalysts which led her from chaos to calm. 


Kitty shares the three methods she developed and used to find alignment, authenticity, and abundance. 



What story are you writing; write here, write now?

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