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About Me

Kitty's calling is to write the book being called forth by humanity for humanity 


Kitty guides others to find their truth, align to it and eventually embody it. Kitty inspires the collective to answer their call to action.

She is an engaging storyteller who grew up in Italy, France, the U.S.A, and Australia. She facilitates monthly Full Moon Women’s Circles and provides one-on-one sessions for healing, intention setting, and self-exploration (including trauma resolution) through her business, By Kitty, which is dedicated to inspiring Homoluminous Ones to shine their light.

She recently facilitated her Light Up and Stay Ignited workshop at the 2022 NSW Rural Women’s Gathering.

Kitty’s life-long mission is to discover her true SELF and live aligned to it. This yearning led her on a path of SELF-discovery, which included practicing the Buddha’s teachings, exploring consciousness, and a 12-year Native American shaman apprenticeship.

She has been teaching health and wellbeing for over 30 years, including six years lecturing at the University of Sydney in the Faculty of Education. When she realized her impact could reach further, she left teaching to translate decades of personal development insights into inspiring, empowering, and easy-to-read stories.

Kitty inspires anyone longing to create a life aligned to their highest potential. This book is full of Kitty's awakening stories that created the necessary catalysts to live evolved. She hopes her readers will discover their true SELF and purpose.


Kitty’s message to each of her beloved readers is, “As each of us lights up, we evolve as a species to preserve our planet. Together we create peace and raise human consciousness.”

Be on the lookout for more books in this series


Beyond Evolved


Sensually Evolved


Soberly Envolved


Parenting Evolved


Creating Evolved

Self Discovery

For 30 years, Kitty has journeyed to remember her true SELF. During her quest, she explored the formal corridors of the academic world of The University of Sydney, where she studied for four years and later lectured for six years in the Faculty of Education. At the same time, she was exploring the informal corridors of her mind and heart to awaken to her truth.


Book Writing

Kitty had wanted to write a book since 2010, when the ending came to her during meditation. She witnessed the evolution of human consciousness and vowed to make the vision a reality, starting with her evolution. This personal growth took a decade and in 2020, she was compelled to leave her school teaching job and dedicate herself to birthing her creative process. 

Her mission is to bring her SELF-realization catalysts to the world to show others their potential. She believes that if she can realize her true SELF then anyone can. Kitty’s gift is her ability to put existential ideas, ancient teachings, and universal wisdom into pertinent stories that include easy-to-use methods.


Kitty has been in a loving partnership with her husband for over 25 years and they have raised three happy daughters.



Kitty’s parents met in London, United Kingdom. Her Dad, an American and her Mum a country girl from Central West NSW, Australia. Her Dad had three children: Janet, 19, Judy, 17 and Bill, 11, so the house was loud and fun. Not long after the wedding, Kitty’s Dad’s company moved them to Rome, Italy, where Kitty and her brother Patrick were born. Their apartment was always full of partygoers enjoying the ex-pat life. When Kitty was two, her Dad’s company moved them to Paris. When Kitty was four, the company sent them to head office in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Six years later, in 1981, Kitty’s Dad took early retirement after 32 years with the company and they moved to Sydney, Australia.


On a family trip through China, Kitty witnessed her Dad’s joy at visiting the Entombed Warriors; he had dreamed of that moment his whole life. Then, at university, the family did a Kakadu safari to explore Aboriginal rock carvings and the natural wonders of Australia's top end. Then, with friends, Kitty traveled through Indonesia, England, France, Spain, Portugal, India, and Nepal (where she volunteered in a remote village). Kitty’s family then took her on a family trip through Russia and later on boat trips around New Zealand and Asia. 

Kitty and her partner/now husband drove around Australia and stopped and worked in Kalgoorlie, a gold mining town in the Western Australian desert. Then, after two and a half years, they decided to backpack around the world for a year (India, Nepal, England, France and Brazil).


When they returned to Australia, they married, bought a house in Newtown, Sydney, and had three daughters.


They continued to go on adventures, for example, a month-long family holiday in Africa via South Africa. And three weeks kids-free in New York City to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary. Kitty also made four trips to Seattle, Washington, USA, in two years to support her brother Bill and sister-in-law Melissa assisting their teenage son in transitioning to the spirit world.

Traveling has opened the world up to Kitty and motivated her to make the most of her privileges by writing a book that allows others to experience her travels through her stories

Africa 2.jpeg


Living and working for a year in India/Nepal led her to Buddhism, meditation and yoga. Then a lifestyle ‘tree change’ from Sydney to rural Australia led her to an apprenticeship in Hawaiian and Native American Shamanism. Visits to the southeastern coast of Australia led her to a group of lightworkers with a vision for a new Earth.


This inspired her to prepare for this shift by making further life changes. Psychology, philosophy, theology, metaphysics, Reiki, Aboriginal Dreaming all contributed to her transformation which she shares throughout this book.

Recently Kitty completed a five-month Cacao Medium Apprenticeship mentoring her to hold sacred circles that honour the healing properties of Ceremonial Cacao.



Educated at the Montessori School in Paris, Park Tudor in Indianapolis, Indiana, Ascham School, Edgecliff, Sydney and University of Sydney Camperdown, Sydney

The Unseen World

Kitty was connected to the unseen spirit world as a child and sensed she possessed untapped knowledge.


From the age of four, living in Paris, she had an ‘imaginary friend’ that told her things she could not have otherwise known. Growing up in Indianapolis and Sydney, she was regularly visited by spirits.

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